Take A Bow In Wickford Cove by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Evening Bow View In Wickford Cove

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Evening Bow View In Wickford Cove_20210720_850_8039Evening Bow View In Wickford CoveTied up bow view on a summer evening in Wickford Cove

In Southern New England, the term "Bass Boat" takes on a different meaning. In much of the country, they are low, squat, and have big outboard engines. In Southern New England, they are classics chasing down "Stripers", Striped Bass. These are sea boats. The Striped Bass is also the Rhode Island State Fish, so the meaning goes even deeper here.

The classic bass boats of the past have been the "Crosby Striper". and the MacKenzie Cuttyhunk". Stur-dee Boat made their share. They all started off as lapstrake built wooden boats, but some evolved to fiberglass. Boats like the "Hawkline" (actually produced by Corson in Maine) came to the fore over the years.

"Bass Boats" have a few things in common. They have exquisite lines. They look good sitting at the dock. On the water, they run like a scared rabbit. And, they are great handling boats made for sport fishing.

So on an evening in Wickford Cove, we found an excellent homage to this type of craft. Beautiful lines, sleek, and a bit of varnished brightwork doffing a hat to the wooden boat past. Now, where are the fish?

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