Tumblehome Transom Lobster Yacht by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Tumblehome Transom Lobster Yacht

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Tumblehome Transom  Lobster Yacht_20210712_850_7699Tumblehome Transom Lobster YachtA classic set of lines sets the tone under summer clouds in Apponaug Cove

A "Lobster Yacht" is a reference to a boat based on the design lines of a traditional lobster boat. In some cases, these boats are old lobster boats, but they are more than likely built for this purpose. There is also a "Picnic Boat" reference. Either way, we are talking about a pleasure boat with a working heritage.

If one finds a lobster yacht that is wood, then we have found a classic. If we find a lobster yacht in wood with a tumblehome transom, then we have found functional art. And such is the case in Apponaug Cove in Warwick, Rhode Island. Art.

Classic Lines At The Dock

Classic Lines At The Dock_20210712_850_7695Classic Lines At The DockA classic set of lines sets the tone under summer clouds in Apponaug Cove

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