What's Left Behind by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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What's Left Behind

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What's Left Behind57_20210705_850_7092What's Left BehindGarbage Left Behind at Black Point, Narragansett, RI by Keith R Wahl

When I go to the shore, I frequently walk out with someone else's trash. I am often mystified because this has to be lighter going out than it was full going in. This is what was found at Black Point, Narragansett, RI a jewel of a spot, on July 5, 2021. 

So, I am making this photo free. Just click it and download it. It is optimized for a 5"X7" print Use it to ask others to please clean up after themselves. It takes no more effort than it did hauling out to the location. And it allows us all to share the shore with respect for one another. All I ask is that you credit me for the photo. Please use it well. 

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