A Rooster's Pose by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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A Rooster's Pose

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A Rooster's Pose_20210805_850_8552A Rooster's PoseA Rooster's Pose

There are a variety of reasons to take a photograph. There is a myriad of reasons that a photograph is interesting. And sometimes it is something personal that makes one smile.

And herein we have the tale of a rooster. He was posing in classic form in the barnyard with all the bravado that a rooster has. 

And then my personal nostalgia kicked in. My mother, at heart, was a farm girl, brought up on a Massachusetts farm. She lived the life of waking up early and gathering eggs and tending to chickens. She was a child of the World War II era. Her father was also manager of the local grocery and would sell the chickens for Sunday family meals.

My paternal grandfather (her father-in-law) appreciated this hard-working quality in my mother. Being an artist, Grandpa acquired a breadboard and refinished the item. Then he painted a portrait of a rooster on the board, then gifted the piece to my mother.

That breadboard with the rooster hung in my mother's kitchen (make no mistake, this was her domain). The rooster looked almost exactly like this one that we encountered on a Kentucky farm. Even the pose is the same.

That is a reason to take a photograph.

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