A Sunny Greeting by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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A Sunny Greeting

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A Sunny Greeting_20210803_850_8195A Sunny GreetingA sunflower in Ashland, Kentucky opens to the early morning

There is something about sunflowers that always grabs attention. On this occasion, waking up and climbing out of a tent, the view was undeniable.

Seeing sunflowers in a camping area has a certain meaning. A sunflower follows a form of the circadian rhythm. They close down and renew in the evening. In the morning, they look a little disheveled. In all eventuality, they seek the sun and rise up seeking the day's renewal. And they do this as individuals, in spite of what the others might be doing.

The fact that sunflowers are bright and beautiful is beside the point. Their anthropomorphic smiles brighten the morning.

Opening To The Morning

Opening To The Morning_20210803_850_8197Opening To The MorningA sunflower in Ashland, Kentucky opens to the early morning

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