The Awakening Sunflower's Kindness by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Awakening Sunflower

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Awakening Sunflower_20210803_850_8202Awakening SunflowerSunflower waking up

Someone said that a kind word is like a sunflower. I can see that. An open smiling face. Ready to see everyone. Like the sunshine. As similes go, not too bad.

Sunflower Turning To The Morning Sun

Sunflower Turning To The Morning Sun_20210803_850_8185Sunflower Turning To The Morning SunBees gather on a sunflower as it turns to face the morning sun

Sunflower Greeting

Sunflower Greeting_20210803_850_8210Sunflower GreetingSunflower greeting early in the morning

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