Calm And Tension In Galilee by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Calm And Tension In Galilee

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Calm And Tension In Galilee 20210821 850_9055Calm And Tension In GalileeThe sun sets, the clouds of Storm Henri move in and tensions rise in the calm before the storm

Clouds before a storm take on unusual shapes. They are starker because there is less altitude between them and the water. The sense of tension increases with the calm of the water and the reflective highlighting by the sun.

The water becomes a mirror of emotions. The entire fleet in port makes for great photographs, but poor economics. The tensions before the storm are not only safety, but survival for family boats. It means days of worrying about their boats and livelihood. And even when the storm passes out to sea, relief though it is on land and in port, that is the fishing ground. The tension is not quite over yet.

Pre-Storm Evening Eeriness

Pre-Storm Evening Eeriness 20210821 850_9052Pre-Storm Evening EerinessEeriness as the sun sets on Galilee on the night before Storm Henri

Eerie Clouds Over Galilee

Eerie Clouds Over Galilee 20210821 850_9054Eerie Clouds Over GalileeEerie clouds moving in over Galilee as the sun sets on the evening before Storm Henri

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