Departing The Beach As The Sun Sets by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Departing The Beach As The Sun Sets

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Departing The Beach As The Sun Sets_20210817_850_8903Departing The Beach As The Sun SetsDeparting The Beach As The Sun Sets

End Of Beach Day Feelings

End Of Beach Day Feelings_20210817_850_8899End Of Beach Day FeelingsAs the summer sun sets at East Matunuck State Beach, the beach day closes

Are sunsets overrated? Well, not per se, they are not. But they need deeper consideration.

I have considered my thoughts at sunset. To me, the colors evoke a sense of bittersweetness in cases such as we display here. A late summer sunset as we leave the beach. A storm front moving in. Someone forgot their purple flip-flops, which they may never see again.

The yellow-orange light of late days is different than it was earlier in the summer. We know that summer is changing, and the time of playing on the beach is a few short days away. But we linger and take last looks, hugging our love of this place. Because the feeling of the summer beach is something we need to hold on to. It will sustain us in the months to come.

So the physical sunset from the beach is something more, anchoring us to these places. Sunsets are not overrated. Sunsets are enhancements, elevating our emotions. By holding on to these, we never truly depart from these places. 

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