Doubling Up Lines by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Doubling Up Lines

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Doubling Up Lines 20210821 850_8972Doubling Up LinesAt the docks in Galilee on the evening before Storm Henri. All lines are doubled up.

Owners of fishing boats do certain things on the night before a storm makes landfall. Double up lines. Secure everything on the vessel that is loose or that can move. Check everything they have done. Check everything again.

Once the vessel is as secure as one can imagine, check the weather. Look at the clouds. Read the water. And then wait.

As the boat owners wait, they try to stay as calm as possible. Staying calm while adrenaline is building and the barometer drops is a skill one learns. This is the life of the fisherman.

Storm Skies Loom

Storm Skies Loom 20210821 850_8982Storm Skies LoomOn the night before Storm Henri, fishing boats are docked and secured in Galilee

Storm Prep In Galilee

Storm Prep In Galilee 20210821 850_8974Storm Prep In GalileeClouds form overhead as fishing vessels prepare for Storm Henri

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