Evening Sunlight Painting The Port by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Evening Sunlight Painting The Port

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Evening Sunlight Painting The Port 20210817 850_8933Evening Sunlight Painting The PortEnd of summer day marine traffic in Galilee and Jerusalem at Rhode Island's Port of Galilee

Jerusalem Painted Summer Evening

Jerusalem Painted Summer Evening 20210817 850_8939Jerusalem Painted Summer EveningBoats moving about in the Port of Galilee in the early evening as the setting sun paints the colors of the scene

There is a well-known soul tune about sitting on the dock of the bay. It's all about the rhythms and cycles of one life as well as life in general. Though somewhat melancholy, it is a song that has become classic. It expresses common experience in a musical story; not quite a ballad but very close. The accounting is that the song came to be as the writer sat on his houseboat.

So it is in late August stopping off in Jerusalem as the sun sets. First, the sun is setting earlier. We can tell by the colors of the sun on the returning M/V Block Island. The discussion on the pier is no longer about plotting the next day's adventure. The conversation is turning to the hustle of planning the return to school.

So at the pier, there is an air of summer passing melancholy, the working Port of Galilee continues it rhythm. The ferries come and go on schedule. Pleasure boats move to their respective docks. Charter fishing boats unload their charges with the pride of the day's catch. But we need to disagree with one thing; this beautiful scene painted by the setting sun is not a waste of time. And it is a pleasure to make this dock our home. 

Late Day Galilee Arrival

Late Day Galilee Arrival 20210817 850_8950Late Day Galilee ArrivalThe eastward view to Galilee as the sun sets in the west. The ferry and a pleasure boat arriving to end the day.

The Sun Paints The Port

The Sun Paints The Port 20210817 850_8955The Sun Paints The PortA summer day concludes in the Port of Galilee, painted by the light and colors of the setting sun

Painted Port In Early Evening

Painted Port In Early Evening 20210817 850_8962Painted Port In Early EveningThe moon rises overhead as boats settle in at Jerusalem. A summer evening where the setting sun paints the scene

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