Impasto Skies At Succotash Marsh by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Impasto Skies At Succotash Marsh

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Impasto Skies At Succotash Marsh_20210817_850_8909Impasto Skies At Succotash MarshImpasto Skies At Succotash Marsh

One thing that shows itself true on a regular basis. That is that the Rhode Island shore in and of itself is public art.

On the evening in question, there was a weather front moving in. The sky possessed turbulent clouds. As the sun began its descent, it lit up the sky.

Now, understanding that the landscapes of Vincent Van Gogh. He would paint with quick, broad strokes as was his signature style. He would also paint straight out of the tube, layering the paints in a style know as Impasto.

This brings us back to our scene. The light comes across Succotash Marsh in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. It appears as a sky painted in haste with layers and swirls. It is natural art to contemplate and relax with.

Painted Sky Over Succotash Marsh

Painted Sky Over Succotash Marsh_20210817_850_8910Painted Sky Over Succotash MarshThe sun sets over Succotash Marsh

Framed Sunset At Succotash Marsh

Framed Sunset At Succotash Marsh_20210817_850_8906Framed Sunset At Succotash MarshThe sun sets over Succotash Marsh

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