Late Afternoon At The Beach by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Late Afternoon Western Beach Sky

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Late Afternoon Western Beach Sky 20210817 850_8862Late Afternoon Western Beach SkyAs the late August sun descends at East Matunuck State Beach, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Late afternoon walking at the beach. The air is pleasant, the colors bright, the waves are active, and the views unobstructed. Pastels form in the descending sun and little birds hop from place to place amongst the seaweed on the sand. Thousands of footprints have left their impressions from the day's activity. Step lively there lest your unclad foot finds a jellyfish washed ashore.

Departing, night rises with a glimpse of the moon. The sky streams in sympathy with the waves and the grasses on the dunes. The beach in the evening is a perfect place.

Clouds And Beach Dunes

Clouds And Beach Dunes 202100817 850_8842Clouds And Beach DunesClouds and sky in the dunes on a late summer day. The footprints of the crowds remain.

Footsteps And Jellyfish

Footsteps And Jellyfish 20210817 850_8864Footsteps And JellyfishA close thing. A near step on a jellyfish among the seaweed on the beach

Beach Birds Settle In The Seaweed

Beach Birds Settle In The Seaweed 20210817 850_8883Beach Birds Settle In The SeaweedBirds settle in the seaweed late on a summer day at East Matunuck State Beach

Rise Of Evening

Rise Of Evening 20210817 850_8893Rise Of EveningRise Of Evening along the beach

Beach Structures Against The Sky

Beach Structures Against The Sky 20210817 850_8896Beach Structures Against The SkyBeach structures against the sky at East Matunuck State Beach late on an August Day

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