Pre-Storm Activity In Galilee by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Pre-Storm Activity In Galilee

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Pre-Storm Activity In Galilee 20210821 850_9050Pre-Storm Activity In GalileeBoats in port and preparing for the onset of Storm Henri. The sun is setting and the clouds are casting eerie shadows

Unloading the last catch and all the gear before the storm. Are these people overexcited? Overcautious? No. This is the preparation that one takes when it is one's boat and your family's business. It is also what happens when the intensity and duration of the incoming storm are unknown. 

In modern terms, this is business continuity preparation and planning. It is what prevents disaster recovery operations. I have worked in the maritime and information technology worlds. I learned the processes applied in information technology from the maritime world. Although the stakes in the maritime world are higher.

Pre-Storm Clouds Reflected At Sunset

Pre-Storm Clouds Reflected At Sunset 20210821 850_9060Pre-Storm Clouds Reflected At SunsetThe setting sun in Galilee highlights pre-storm clouds which are reflected in the water below casting an eerie glow

Murky Clouds Reflected In Water

Murky Clouds Reflected In Water 20210821 850_9058Murky Clouds Reflected In WaterThe murkiness of the oncoming storm is reflected in the oddly calm water below in Galilee

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