Southeasterly On Succotash Marsh by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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"Today, we must realize that nature is revealed in the simplest meadow, wood lot, marsh, stream, or tidepool, as well as in the remote grandeur of our parks and wilderness areas."

Ansel Adams

Southeasterly On Succotash Marsh

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Southeasterly On Succotash Marsh_20210817_850_8917Southeasterly On Succotash MarshThe southeasterly evening view over Succotash Marsh with the buildings of East Matunuck State Beach in the background

Off of Succotash Road, there is a derivational namesake marsh and peninsula (point). This is an area that knits saltwater ponds, coves, harbors, and the beach together. This marsh serves as "nature's sponge" as the tides rise and fall. Without the marsh, the lands would flood and human habitation would not occur.

Unfortunately, as people rush to the beaches, they rarely observe the marsh. The marsh gives us opportunity and life and deserves more attention. It is the area that provides a habitat for wildlife and fish. And the marsh makes human maritime pursuits and recreation possible.

And here, in the early evening light, the marsh is spectacular.

Succotash Marsh To Jerusalem

Succotash Marsh To Jerusalem_20210817_850_8914Succotash Marsh To JerusalemThe easterly evening view over Succotash Marsh with Jerusalem in the background

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