Sunflowers At The Morning Ceremonies by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Sunflower At Attention

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Sunflower At Attention_20210803_850_8187Sunflower At AttentionThe morning sun paints the sky and a sunflower pays attention

Watching sunflowers early in the day is like watching a ceremony. They arise. They acknowledge the sun and the sky. They bow awaiting their knighthood of the day. Then they stand resolute as they attend to their charges in the field. All in all, sunflowers prove themselves noble.

Resolute Sunflower

Resolute Sunflower_20210803_850_8174Resolute SunflowerThe sunflower hosts bees in the early morning in Ashland, Kentucky

Sunflower Coronation

Sunflower Coronation_20210803_850_8178Sunflower CoronationA sunflower knighted by the sun awaits the morning coronation

Sunflower Acknowledging The Sky

Sunflower Acknowledging The Sky_20210803_850_8160Sunflower Acknowledging The SkyA sunflower acknowledges the sky as the sun rises in Ashland, Kentucky

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