Trawlers And Storm Clouds by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Trawlers And Storm Clouds

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Trawlers And Storm Clouds 20210821 850_8977Trawlers And Storm CloudsTrawlers docked as Henri's storm clouds approach

The ceiling drops as the clouds roll in. They are dramatic, creating tension. They form a blanket over the area, holding in the tropical heat like a blanket. They keep the earth's warmth from radiating into space. They wrap the humidity close to the ground and water.

The water remains calm on the night before Storm "Henri". This is that proverbial calm before the storm. This is the moment when all the preparation that can be done has been done. It is the time of waiting before the first winds of the storm and hoping for the best.

Amassing Storm Clouds Over Galilee

Amassing Storm Clouds Over Galilee 20210821 850_8970Amassing Storm Clouds Over GalileeAmassing storm clouds as Storm Henri approaches Galilee

Threatening Above And Calm Below

Threatening Above And Calm Below 20210821 850_8980Threatening Above And Calm BelowThreatening Above And Calm Below


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