Wickford Catboat by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Wickford Catboat

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Wickford Catboat_20210720_850_8034Wickford CatboatMoored catboat on a hazy summer evening in Wickford Cove

Nothing will make me stop and acknowledge its existence faster than a Catboat. Nothing. Ask my wife.

Now a Catboat in Wickford Cove, well that doesn't stop me any faster. Although, I take a more nostalgic notice.

This is nothing less of a classic. It's fiberglass, yes. It has a yachting style dodger. But the coloring, design, sail configuration, and wood trim still make one take notice.

With this Catboat, I have more memories. Yes, I did sail cats in and out of Wickford (even participating in a few races). I also remember this boat's Dartmouth, Massachusetts designer, and builder.

It's a Catboat in Wickford Cove on a calm and hazy summer evening. That means that there is something right in a turbulent world.

Catboat Between Spiles

Catboat Between Spiles_20210720_850_8029Catboat Between SpilesA catboat tied off between spiles in Wickford Cove

Reflecting On Wickford Cove

Reflecting On Wickford Cover_20210720_850_8044Reflecting On Wickford CoveBoats in evening reflections on a calm Wickford Cove

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