Wickford Wooden Fishing Boat by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Fishing Boat and Paddleboarder Passing

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Fishing Boat and Paddleboarder Passing_20210720_850_7980Fishing Boat and Paddleboarder PassingThe F/V Hilda & Helen tied up in Wickford Cove as an evening paddleboarder passes by

What people love about Wickford and Wickford Cove is its blending of old and new. Exemplified by a paddleboarder passing a wooden dragger on a summer evening. In that background is Wickford Shipyard (an old stomping ground of mine). Pleasure boats lined up as they are apt to be in the boating season.

When the boating season ends in October or November, this noble workhorse will be there. Worn from work and beautiful lines, the wooden fishing boat will still be plying its trade. When the paddleboard is stored in the garage, the fishing vessel will be there. And the character of Wickford Cove will be there too!

Alongside In Wickford Cove

Alongside In Wickford Cove_20210720_850_7987Alongside In Wickford CoveThe F/V Hilda & Helen tied up in Wickford Cove on a summer evening

Wickford Cove Summer End Of Day

Wickford Cove Summer End Of Day_20210720_850_7981Wickford Cove Summer End Of DayThe F/V Hilda & Helen tied up in Wickford Cove as an evening paddleboarder passes by

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