Evening Calm In The Dunes by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Calm Scarborough Evening

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Calm Scarborough Evening 20210722 850_8087Calm Scarborough Evening A calm evening on the north end of Scarborough State Beach.

Dunes, Water, And Sky

Dunes, Water, And Sky 20210722 850_8108Dunes, Water, And SkyExploring the many dimensions of the beach. Sand dunes, water, and sky.

There is a calm about evening at the beach. There are those who seek many forms of explanation for this phenomenon. For me, it is the accumulated empirical; it works. When I need to unwind, I seek the beach in the evening. That is my place.

The varying pathways to explore, the variety of colors and texture, and the sounds. They take a thousand cares away. The view into the infinite across the horizon puts life in perspective.

I try to reflect this in these photographs. I had a recent affirmation that it is succeeding. At least it is for one person. A professional acquaintance of my wife saw us at an art show. She received comments back that the photos were a reminder of this concept. In fact, they perused these pages over their lunch. Later, this person related that they shared the website with another fellow professional.

There is no higher compliment than this type of appreciation. It's nice to know that the concept being conveyed is coming across to others. 


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