The Evening Beach Path's Tale by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Curved Beach Path

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Curved Beach Path 20210722 850_8101Curved Beach PathA curved path amongst the dunes at Scarborough State Beach

The path is often curved. Sometimes graceful, but never straight, and always interesting. The textures shift as the path moves. But the view at the end is always worth the trip.

Beach Path

Beach Path 20210722 850_8080Beach PathAn evening walk along Scarborough State Beach. A path to the beach.

End Of The Grass Lined Path

End Of The Grass Lined Path 20210722 850_8081End Of The Grass Lined PathLate day or early evening in the curved path that leads to Scarborough State Beach

Seagrass Views

Seagrass Views 20210722 850_8086Seagrass ViewsSeagrass views at the beach under evening skies

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