Labor Day After Six by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Labor Day After Six 

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Labor Day After Six 20210906 850_9627Labor Day After Six The last moments as the summer beach season closes at Roger Wheeler State Beach

It's after six o'clock in the evening. Labor Day. The "end of summer". That's an unofficial designation, of course, but still effective in practice.

The lifeguards are leaving. A beach manager says to that reliable employee, "I could have never done this summer without you." They are walking to their cars to go for the last time (this year).

People linger. They cling. They want summer to stay. They look east rather than west. For once, they don't want to see the sunset. That would make the ending more realistic. Still, the bittersweet flavor sets into the waning light.

The shadows cast off the lifeguard chair. Tomorrow, the chair will move into storage, and the snow fence will start to sprout. But for the moment, the chair is a symbol of summer that remains.

Passing the vacant and empty ice cream stand, a stark realization occurs. The frosty summer treats are not more. But the little structure makes a promise that they will be back. But not tomorrow.

That's a wrap for this summer. We will look back with fondness deep in December.

Labor Day Evening Ice Cream Stand

Labor Day Evening Ice Cream Stand 20210906 850_9630Labor Day Evening Ice Cream StandThe ice cream stand at Roger Wheeler State Beach on the last of Labor Day.

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