Moored In Seaweed Cove by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Moored In Seaweed Cove

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Moored In Seaweed Cove 20210908 850_9836Moored In Seaweed CoveAlong the shore at Seaweed Cove. There is amazingly clear water due to the tidal currents.

What is a cove? In technical terms, it is a sheltered inlet.

What does a mariner look for in a cove? Well, it starts with "good water". That means that there is water that is deep enough to navigate but shallow enough to anchor or moor in.

The water in a mariners cove is clean. There is enough of a tidal current to refresh the water and keep it clean. This also inhibits marine growth on boats. Then we look at when moon tides occur to assure that there is no flooding or grounding in the tidal cycle.

A good cove has protection from the weather. In the northeast United States, we look for protection, especially from the northeast. The northeast is where the heavy storms come from. We look to the northwest in summer weather as this is where thunderstorms approach. The southwest is the direction where summer winds pipe up in the afternoon.

In the end, everyone appreciates the scenes that a cove paints. When a mariner likes a cove, more will come. Boats will moor there. Houses and services will pop up. People want to visit these places. And in the end, it becomes a scene out of storybooks and artistic masters.

Protected Cover And Summer Clouds

Protected Cover And Summer Clouds 20210908 850_9833Protected Cover And Summer CloudsSeaweed Cove in South Kingstown, Rhode Island as clouds move in from the northwest on a summer day

Bright Summer Day In Seaweed Cove

Bright Summer Day In Seaweed Cove 20210908 850_9832Bright Summer Day In Seaweed CoveA late, bright summer afternoon at Seaweed Cove in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

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