Paddle Power by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Paddle Stroke

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Paddle Stroke 20210918 850_0442_ExportPaddle StrokeCanoe paddle stroke as it comes out of the water

Paddling is the act of propelling a watercraft using a paddle. The paddle is also used to steer and navigate the vessel. The act of paddling a canoe is for pleasure or exploration.

Paddling is a beautiful act when performed well. The single blade of the paddle dips into the water, pushes deeper, and moved with the stroke. Then the artful act of pulling the paddle back out of the water without checking momentum occurs.

As the paddle pulls from the water, the forces of cohesion to and adhesion of the water to the paddle bring water in contact with air. In the day, the sun will light the clear water as it slips back into its element.

All in all, the act of paddling is a beautiful thing.

Paddle Splash

Paddle Splash 20210918 850_0444_ExportPaddle SplashPaddle splash in the sunshine

Paddling Swirl

Paddling Swirl 20210918 850_0445_ExportPaddling SwirlPaddling and reflections


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