Seaside Lifescape by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Seaside Village Lifescape

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Seaside Village Lifescape 20210908 850_9913Seaside Village LifescapeWalking in Matunuck by the water, looking across yards at sunset as roses continue their late summer bloom and gulls fly.

There is a common trope, "If you're lucky enough to live on the water, you're lucky enough." This describes island and seaside village life in Rhode Island and New England. As I have spent a lot of my life traveling the shoreline and islands of New England, I have confirmed this thought.

This is why I love visiting areas such as Mutunuck. It is that seaside village life down the road. It's almost like a little bit of an island without boarding a ferry.

Evening light is ever-changing, but always scenic. People are meticulous in taking care of their homes. This creates a sense of calm in these communities. This is the place to take a walk after a long day. To hear the waves, to smell the salt air mixed with floral perfumes. To see the calm, subtle pastel light. These are experiences to seek out. This is the best of life.

Early Evening At The Deep Hole Dunes

Early Evening At The Deep Hole Dunes 20210908 850_9905Early Evening At The Deep Hole DunesAn early evening view from the Deep Hole dunes

Pale Sunset At Deep Hole

Pale Sunset At Deep Hole 20210908 850_0025Pale Sunset At Deep HoleAn early evening view from the Deep Hole dunes

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