Sprung Lobster Boat Forefoot by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Sprung Lobster Boat Forefoot

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Sprung Lobster Boat Forefoot 20210911 850_0076Sprung Lobster Boat ForefootThe sprung forefoot of a wooden lobster boat. Keel, Stem, and deadwood are viewed in clear separation. The bottom paint flaking with dried marine growth.

Boats, even after having reached their life's denouement, provide learning opportunities. A wooden lobster boat set up on poppets in a local boatyard provides one of these lessons.

Here we see the structure of the forefoot of the vessel. The wood was dry and sprung. The keel meets the stem and the deadwood filler is in clear view.

The bottom paint of the boat is in thick layers. It appears that much of it is still an obsolete copper base. Small marine growth (barnacles) are presently showing the effectiveness of the bottom paint.

The keel is "hogged" and sagging. Knuckles in the side suggest cracked frames within. This boat will not be coming back. Some would suggest that it is better used as firewood. Firewood would not be an environmental possibility though.

There is something of an aesthetic appeal in seeing this open lesson. It's something that I can show to our boys of my former marine surveyor life. And it is a way to show wooden boat construction.

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