Breaking Wave Off Point Judith. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Breaking Wave Off Point Judith

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Breaking Wave Off Point Judith 20211226 850_3700Breaking Wave Off Point JudithA wave rolling in on the northern side of Point Judith, Narragansett, Rhode Island

How does one capture a moment that is unique? How does one catch the power of the ocean as a winter wave breaks? Why do we want to capture these moments?

Well, first, the person has to be there is in the spot where a unique circumstance occurs. Second, the observer needs to look where other people do not. This is especially true with beaches. Beaches are usually the 'safe harbors'; the safest place to go. Instead, carefully look at where there are rocks and where the bottom shoals up and suddenly drops off.

And the last thing, the most important thing, is this realization: the moment will not last. Pay attention! It is part of life. One needs to capture the moment in some form. Capture it in the mind, paint it, write something about it, or capture a photograph. Be decisive and own the moment, because this is where the science and facts blend to create art. And this is what makes it all worth living. 

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