Fog Is The Character Of The Waterfront. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Bound Spiles And Fog Diffused Lights 

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Bound Spiles And Fog Diffused Lights 20220101 850_4444Bound Spiles And Fog Diffused Lights Bound spiles and boats in view as evening falls and diffused lights shine through the fog.

The spirit of the waterfront is not always sunshine. The sun is welcome when it appears, but those who work the waterfront and fish prepare for something else. They prepare for wind, fog, rain, and cloudiness.

This is why classic marine artists became "classic". They did not focus on the days that were bright with sunshine but welcomed those days when they appeared. They understood that the waterfront and marine environment were an amalgam of conditions. Sometimes, the brightness of the sun and the settling dark appear in the fog.

Moreover, the combinations of weather conditions are the conditions of the waterfront. This is what people work in. These are reality. And the idea that people on the waterfront overcome these conditions say so much about them. When I photograph in fog, it is an homage to the character of these people.

Lobster Boats And Foggy Shadows

Lobster Boats And Foggy Shadows 20220101 850_4434Lobster Boats And Foggy ShadowsLobster Boats And Foggy Shadows

Classic Dark Green Hulls In Fog

Classic Dark Green Hulls In Fog 20220101 850_4437Classic Dark Green Hulls In FogA wooden fishing boat alongside a lobster boat with a haunting shadowy backdrop of fog.

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