Fogged In At The Port of Galilee. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Fogged In At The Port of Galilee

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Fogged In At The Port of Galilee 20220101 850_4382Fogged In At The Port of GalileeA foggy day in the Port of Galilee. The boats are as still as the water and lobstering gear hauled up on the pier for maintenance.

Peace. Peacefulness. It's something that we often seek but find elusive. Sometimes, we find in it something that we dread in one circumstance but find comfort in another. Fog is one of these.

At sea, fog is a cause for anxiety. The stress of staring into nothing but looking for something peaks adrenaline response. The constant staring into nothingness looking for shadows and looking at the radar. Shouting to the bow watch to ask if something is amiss or if a marker buoy is sighted. The sound of a horn blasting at regular intervals. It keeps every nerve alert.

In port, wandering among boats in stillness, their gear on the pier, fog can be quite calming. There are dull sounds (such as the engines of vessels underway) but they are comforting. There is little to no wind in fogginess, so the water stills.

And here, as evening begins to fall, we wander in peace along the piers in Galilee.


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