Footprints In New Snow. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Footprints In New Snow

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FootprintsInNewSnow_20210208_850_6360Footprints In New SnowFootprints in new snow at Tuckertown Fishing Area, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Snowy Wood

SnowyWood_20210208_850_6404Snowy WoodsBright and vibrant fresh snow on a new day at the entrance of the woods in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Snow Trail

SnowTrail_20210208_850_6407Snow TrailBright and vibrant fresh snow on a new day at the entrance of the woods in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

When the snow comes, as we know it will and does, take some time to enjoy the white purity. Take the time to blaze a new path. Take the time to drink in the beauty.

The snow will be here regardless. Take the time to enjoy it. Take time to record a view in your mind of something so clean that it is almost unimaginable. It's a time to appreciate something different and even play.

Think. This is a place and moment where the world gives pause to think. The blanket of white silence lets the world stop and think for a moment. A clean slate to contemplate upon.

Appreciate the snowy moment in the woods. It will be gone all too soon and we will need to jump into the fray again. The world seldom gives us a pause, so take advantage of it when it does.


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