Gull With A Foggy Backdrop. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Gull With A Foggy Backdrop

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Gull With A Foggy Backdrop 20220101 850_4391AGull With A Foggy Backdrop

Catching A Gull's Eye

Catching A Gull's Eye 20220101 850_4390Catching A Gull's EyeCatching a gull's eye in the fog

I am glad to say that I have a former Math teacher that re-emphasizes something that I have asserted for years. That is, there are no such things as "seagulls". The distinction comes from the idea that there is such a variety of gulls; that is, many species of gulls.

Recognizing the distinctness of gulls is out of a certain respect. I know that many beachgoers and yachts people see gulls as nuisances. I have even heard of them as "flying rats". While I am an off-hours beachgoer and I have set foot on a yacht or two, I am not a yachter. I am a mariner. This makes a gull a companion.

Gulls can be guides in conditions such as fog. If one sees gulls working, then we know where the fish are. If they are flying on a straight course, then they are pointing to shore.

So seeing a gull on a spile with a foggy backdrop, I nod and pay my respects. I let them eye me and see if they trust me. And as fellow mariners, they often let me take their photos as a professional courtesy.

A Gull's Skeptical Look

A Gull's Skeptical Look 202220101 850_4390AA Gull's Skeptical LookA gull's skeptical look against a foggy backdrop

Foggy Profile On A Spile

Foggy Profile On A Spile 20220101 850_4391Foggy Profile On A SpileA Gull's profile as it sits on a spile in the Galilee fog

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