Head Boats Tied Up On A Foggy Day. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Head Boats Tied Up On A Foggy Day 

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Head Boats Tied Up On A Foggy Day 20220101 850_4406Head Boats Tied Up On A Foggy Day Head boats tied up on a foggy day in the Port of Galilee

Foggy Evening Over Head Boats

Foggy Evening Over Headboats 20220101 850_4441Foggy Evening Over HeadboatsA foggy evening falls at the headboats of the Port of Galilee

The day is quiet and foggy as evening falls. The boats are as still as the air and the water. Lights come up showing the vessel interiors. There has been no fishing today, which is unusual.

Head boats fill an interesting place between commercial and recreational fishing. The vessels must be US Coast Guard certified as passenger vessels as are their masters and crews. This makes the vessels commercial in nature. The passengers of head boats are recreational fishermen. Equipped with tackle and bait, they ride the vessels to where the fish are.

But right now, the vessels are at rest. Someone is aboard performing maintenance tasks. Commercial vessel upkeep is perpetual; someone is always concerned about vessel condition. The internal light diffuses in the light fog. The dock lines are slack. And with shore power cables deployed, not even generators are running. This leads to absolute quiet at the pier; a rare condition.

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