Lobster Boats Great And Small. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Lobster Boats Great And Small 

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Lobster Boats Great And Small 20220101 850_4458Lobster Boats Great And Small All lobster boats great and small on a Galilee evening

There are many varieties of lobster boats. In the current day, we often see the larger offshore lobster boats. Then we see the smaller inshore style boat; the boats that stay closer to the coast (often family boats). But the boat that I respect the most is the small lobster skiff.

There is not any particular design of the lobster skiff. While we do see the "Pea Pod" up in Maine, most lobster skiffs are bare hulls with minimal equipment to do the job. Sometimes we will see a davit for hauling traps, but many operators haul by calloused hand.

And there is no real career stage to these smaller lobster skiffs. There are those who are starting out with a few traps. There are those with other jobs who want to keep their hand in the business. In Newport, RI, there are some of retirement age who cannot stop lobstering in these boats; it's in their blood.

Farmers always seem to have a plot of land to work, no matter their state. They need something to keep them in touch with the land. Those who fish the lobster trade always have a boat of some kind; they need to remain faithful to their roots.

We do love them all, lobster boats great and small. 

Foggy Working Port

Foggy Working Port 20220101 850_4454Foggy Working PortNight slowly and gently falls over fogged in Galilee

Lobster Boats And Foggy Shadows

Lobster Boats And Foggy Shadows 20220101 850_4434Lobster Boats And Foggy ShadowsLobster Boats And Foggy Shadows

Blue At The Pier In Fog

Blue At The Pier In Fog 20220101 850_4375Blue At The Pier In FogBow view of a lobster boat tied up at the pier in fog at the Port of Galilee  

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