Signs of Reluctance. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Emotional bookends on a boating season

Bright Dinghy Bow View

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Bright Dinghy Bow View 20221008 850_4880Bright Dinghy Bow ViewBow view of inverted dinghy near the mouth of Bissel Cove on a bright Autumn day in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Bright Dinghy Quarter View

Bright Dinghy Quarter View 20221008 850_4881Bright Dinghy Quarter ViewBow quarter view of inverted dinghy near the mouth of Bissel Cove on a bright Autumn day in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

There are two parts of the Rhode Island boating season that meet with ambiguous emotion. Spring meets anticipation: the desire to get the boat in the water. Autumn comes in phases of reluctance; the desire for the boating season to continue.

On the beach near Bissel Cove is an inverted dinghy in the bright, milky Autumn sun. The lines are very dry, meaning that the little boat has been on the beach for a while. Goldenrod has grown up around the little vessel and has not been trod down by activity. These are signs of reluctance to give up on the boating season.

Soon reluctance will give over to resignation. The boat that the dinghy services will come out of the water. The boat and dinghy will move to a back yard or nearby boatyard for storage. And the boating season ends for the year.

In the meantime, the dinghy remains. There is a glimmer of hope that there will be that one warm day. There is the desire to go out one last time. But that last voyage is doubtful. In all likelihood the journey passed without anyone knowing that it would be the last. It is time to button things up and look forward to the next season with that heady feeling of anticipation.


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