Autumn In Occulting Light. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Waiting to drive off temporary darkness

Foliage As the Sun Ducks Behind Clouds

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Foliage As the Sun Ducks Behind Clouds 20221008 850_4799Foliage As the Sun Ducks Behind CloudsFall foliage at Silver Spring Lake, North Kingstown, Rhode Island as the sun temporarily ducks behind clouds

Occulting light is where the period of light is longer than the period of darkness. In other words, the light extinguishes for a moment and comes back again. Mariners are familiar with the term as a lighting characteristic of lighthouses and navigational aids. But the characteristic is a good description of what happens in everyday life as well.

In this case, the occulting light occurs due to a large, dense cloud. The cloud covers the sun in this area and casts a large shadow in the earth below. In so doing, it changes the characteristic of the scene. What was bright and illuminated becomes shadowy and dramatic. And the sun will soon emerge to drive out the temporary darkness.


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