Delicate Find on the Succotash Marsh. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

November 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Bright, perky, resilient

November's Succotash Rose

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November's Succotash Rose 20221106 850_5554November's Succotash RoseA resilient beach rose found on Succotash Marsh in the heart of November

My habit is to walk off of the beaten path. My natural inclination is to ask what is around the next corner, wherever that might lead. So, seeing what is "out there" on a marsh is not out of the question for me.

What did I find on Succotash Marsh? With a November Northeast breeze, I found a Beach Rose. This caught my attention because the Beach Rose is one of my favorite flowers.

The Beach Rose also caught my attention because there was a cool breeze, and it is November in Thode Island. This is a display of resiliency if ever there was one. The leaves of the plant are fading. There is no logical reason why it should be drawing nutrients from the cream hued sand. Yet, there it is, bright and perky.


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