Facing the Breeze on a Spile. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

November 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Asking the big questions

Great Black Backed Gull on a Spile

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Great Black Backed Gull on a Spile 20221105 850_5288Great Black Backed Gull on a SpileA Great Black Backed Gull perched on a spile in the Port of Galilee on a late Autumn afternoon

Have you ever put a moistened finger to the wind to test its direction? Well, Great Black Backed Gulls, no matter how grandiose their name, do not have fingers. They do have nostrils in those beaks and feathers on their bodies.

Here, as the contemplative gull rests on a spile in Galilee, there is a test of the air going on. Where is the wind direction coming from? Is it going to rain on this gray day? And even more important, do those boats in the distance have fish aboard them? These are important questions, indeed.


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