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What season is this?

Nephrite Waves at Matunuck

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Nephrite Waves at Matunuck 20221112 850_5867Nephrite Waves at MatunuckA touch of jade in the layers of rolling Autumn waves from the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole as they reduce the amount of walkable shore at Matunuck Beach

This day was a rugged day standing on the beach. It was the type of day that canceled ferry runs to Block Island. It was also a day where observation confused and betrayed the experienced.

The color of the waves is of a jade hue. This is a color that we see in early summer and even in early Fall. Not a sea color in the midst of November where it starts to change to a darker blue.

The waves are piling up. They come in series due to a storm offshore. But this is a wave behavior more common to winter. Not in the Fall. We don't see these waves that limit the sand to a footpath in this season. At least rarely do we see this. This means that erosion starts now and may continue longer this year.

And still, the day is bright. The sky only has high thready clouds. The air was warm with a bit of coolness. Nothing makes sense as we walk the area. The colors of summer, the air of early autumn, and the waves are something else altogether. Where are we and what season is this?

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