The Story of the Shore Never Ends. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Living archaeology

A New Story

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A New Story 20221106 850_5482A New StoryA mixture of flip-flops left behind from the summer season and lobster trap buoys on a cottage in the fishing village of Jerusalem in Rhode Island

For years, I have been talking about the stories about lobster trap buoys pinned on walls of homes. How individual markers represent family boats and family work. As time passed, more of these markers have found their way from coast to cottage as they washed ashore.

Walking in the fishing village of Jerusalem, on a foggy Autumn day, I stumbled up a new story on a cottage. Not only were there a few lobster buoys, but a collection of unmated flip-flops. It was an unusual, quirky, sight and it made me smile.

There are nearby beaches, so the story formed in my head. The cottage owners have found all forms of footwear left behind or forgotten. Rather than dispose of them, they decided to tell a new story. What a wonderful way to preserve an old tradition in a new way. A blend of the old commercial lobster buoys and the delight of summer days in the sand. A form of curated, living archaeology in our present. 

A new story or a continuing saga? I don't know. But I will be following its progress.


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