The Two Sides Are Close Together. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Finding wisdom in the view

Two Sides to the Story

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Two Sides to the Story 20221106 850_5571Two Sides to the StoryTwo chairs placed at the end of a private dock area in the fishing village of Jerusalem with a view of the working Port of Galilee across the navigation channel

The cliche is that there are "two sides to every story." A lifetime on the waterfront have proven this to be true. But this lifetime of experience has also shown me that the two sides are often not that far apart.

Here we are looking down a private dock in the fishing village of Jerusalem. It is someone's retreat that looks across the channel to the working port of Galilee. A working nautical waterfront scene.

Over my lifetime, I have found myself in two worlds. I have walked in work boots, handled and spliced lines, and sailed on ships. I have also been the office professional working deep in technology as an engineer. But people rarely wanted to talk to me about technology. Speaking of primary and foreign key relationships in a database is not of great interest. No, they wanted to know about my waterfront and ocean-going life, the life outside of the office.

I have learned that people come to the water because they admire the people that make their living there. They appreciate the manual ability and the intelligence of strategy and execution. Those are the things that apply to other parts of life. And the two types of life are not that far apart. But it is wisest of the people who know it. 


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