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December 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Navigation vs. Exploration

Wickford Morning at Cedar Tree Point

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Wickford Morning at Cedar Tree Point 20220825 850_2849Wickford Morning at Cedar Tree PointScanning to the south in Wickford Cove in the early morning as the first light of day comes up in the east over Cedar Tree Point.

Navigation is all about arriving at a designated place. Exploration is about discovering that place once one arrives there. There is an overlap of elements that answer the questions of what and where. That overlap is a form of navigation turned inside out so we can describe the place and go there again.

In my life, I have had to apply the art and science of navigation to the concept of exploration. Exploration is by far more stimulating and exhilarating in the end. The difference is a discussion for another time.

The photograph here is about exploration from a place that we know, Wickford Cove. Well, there is a thought that we know it. In fact, we turn corners to discover it in a different way. We are turning a corner and looking south as the sun rises in the east. This is an inlet or "gunkhole" off of Wickford Cove known as Cedar Point. It is an amazing and oft overlooked spot where catboats dock and the water reflects. It is early morning, and the unspoiled reflections make us want to stop and enjoy the spot for a moment.


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