Readying to Get Underway. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Readying to get underway in Fall weather

F/V Prudence Preparing to get Underway

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FV Prudence Preparing to get Underway 20221105 850_5351FV Prudence Preparing to get UnderwayThe F/V moments before getting underway on a Fall day. There are clouds with a glint of sun coming from the south. The winds are calm giving the water an oily look on the surface. Circulator and cooling pumps are operational. Navigation lights are lit.

The F/V Prudence is preparing to get underway on a Fall afternoon. The circulator pumps are running. The coolant pumps are running. A light smell of diesel in the air as the engines are ahead and pulling on the springline. The navigation lights are lit.

There are clouds in the sky but sunlight to the south. The winds are calm, giving the cool water an oily sheen. The weather will suffice to go to where the fish are.

Soon, the age-old practice to make way will take place. Loosen the bowline. Loosen the stern. Take the throttle into neutral. Cast off the backspring. Throttle the engines astern and cast off the springline. Feel the push of the flood tide astern as they back down. Verify that the bow is clear with the lookout. Swing the wheel hard over and push the throttle ahead. Steady her up and head for the channel. The voyage is underway.


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