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A time to learn

On a Clear Day After a Storm

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On a Clear Day After a Storm 20221112 850_5798On a Clear Day After a StormA clear day the day after a storm at Matunuck Beach. The waves power ashore, the wind is evident in the clouds, the fringe of the storm is on the horizon, and an undertow is forming on the edge of the view.

On weekends, we like to do something together as a family. On this weekend, a Fall storm had recently passed, so we decided to go to the shore. Our younger son in tow, we walked the wind-swept beach.

This is where we take the opportunities to teach about the environment that we live in. We live in a place of great beauty with danger in equal quantities to the unaware. We like to bring awareness to the fore.

On the horizon, we see the remnants of the storm. We see how the chop has formed on the swells and the wind on the clouds in the sky. Now, we teach about the nature of the waves and their timing. "Count the intervals between the waves and their reach on the shore." "Look at the beginnings of an undertow as the waves draw back." "Listen to the tumbling of the rocks as the undertow pulls them off the beach." "Now that you know the dangers, look at how beautiful the scene is."


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