Assessing the Front. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Assessing the Front at Brenton Point 

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Assessing the Front at Brenton Point 20220417 850_7207Assessing the Front at Brenton Point The rocks of Brenton Point in sympathy with the clouds as a front moves in over Newport, Rhode Island

Weather Front Reflections

Weather Front Reflections 20220417 850_7216Weather Front ReflectionsThe rocks of Brenton Point in sympathy with the clouds as a front moves in over Newport, Rhode Island

It has always been my tradition to go to the shore before a long journey. Before putting out to sea. I wanted to see the type of conditions I would see on the next tide. That, and indulge my philosophical nature before exploring the world beyond the horizon. 

I have long since "swallowed the anchor". I have come ashore, married, had a family. Today, my indulgence of adventure is spinning yarns for this audience. But first, I impart the wisdom learned to our sons. "Do you see how that current eddy around that rock as the tide ebbs?" "See how that island is standing above the horizon? We will have rain in the next day." "Look at the color of the seaweed and the algae. It will tell you what region you are in and the bottom condition."

One of the most important lessons that I can impart to all is that there is a world beyond the horizon. A world of imagination and adventure. A metaphor for life where we plot courses but adjust plans to the tides, waves, current, and wind. We must always be aware of our surroundings but take time to appreciate their beauty. And the greatest adventures are laid out before us. But we must be willing to go to those great waters to see the wonders of the deep.

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