Mussel and a Bit of Sun. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Mussel and a Bit of Sun

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Mussel and a Bit of Sun 20220322 850_6128Mussel and a Bit of SunA mussel shell containing a bit of water on the sunny sand at Narragansett Town Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island

The beach has so much to offer. What one needs to do when on the beach is to take it all in as an adult. Once the whole picture is in mind, allow oneself to become a precocious child.

A child will spend hours looking along the water's edge looking for the perfect shell. Allowing oneself to become that child for a moment allows for curiosity and wonder. Now, combine that curiosity and wonder with some adult observation and knowledge. This combination is where magic occurs.

This magical combination of child and adult can go in several directions. Science comes to mind in considering the matter of the shell. Art comes to mind in finding that composition of happenstance. Philosophy comes to the fore in considering the short life of the shell and its placement.

"There's a glint of sun in the water of the shell," says the adult. "No, that's a spark of magic," responds the child. Both are correct.

This is why the beach is the perfect place for young and old to interact. It's a place of wonder and curiosity, science and facts, and flights and fancy. The beach is a place of the magic of reality and fantasy in perfect balance.


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