Previous Season Flip-Flops. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Previous Season Flip-Flops

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Previous Season Flip-Flops 20220415 850_7118Previous Season Flip-FlopsFlip-flops left on a stake from the previous season at Matunuck Beach. In springtime, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

The "Beach Season" for us is all year round. We live not far from several beaches, so when we need a walk that includes the scent of salt air, we head to a beach. In the winter, we try to select a beach that is in the lee of a cold wind, but that is where we are.

But we realize that there is a traditional "Beach Season". It is for most when the sun is warm, the sand is mellow, and the shoes come off to kick the area where the sand meets the water. Like any season, "Beach Season" has its heralds.

One of the heralds of "Beach Season" is finding the cast offs of the previous season. There is not any one thing, but they are usually symbolic of summer. In this case, some old flip-flops on a storm fence post.

These flip-flops are something left behind without care and placed in someplace obvious. The hope is for the owner to make a claim. The claim never occurred. Nonetheless, they make an allusive connection between the past and the present. A link between the past "Beach Season" and the season to come.


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