Rocky Point Pier, An Homage to the Past. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Rocky Point Pier - South Side

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Rocky Point Pier - South Side 20220402 850_6737Rocky Point Pier - South SideThe pier at Rocky Point State Park, Warwick Neck, Warwick, Rhode Island

Rocky Point Pier - North Side

Rocky Point Pier - North Side 20220402 850_6731Rocky Point Pier - North SideThe pier at Rocky Point State Park, Warwick, Rhode Island

The pier at Rocky Point on Rhode Island's Warwick Neck is an homage to the original pier that stood in that spot. The old pier went the way of all things. Lack of maintenance and material corruption due to weather and wear and tear took it from us.

There are similarities to the original pier. And there are differences. It is taller now but has the same fundamental shape and lacks the finger piers. It is not built to accommodate steamers and passenger vessels as the old pier did. Gone is the battened steamer ramp created to accept ship gangways on the various tide levels. There are no spiles exposed to accept a spring line to land a ship of revelers for chowder and clam cakes.

On a personal level, this is where I strolled with my grandfather as a boy (I grew up less than a mile from this place). This is where I would catch the lines for the Prudence II and the various vessels named "Bay Queen". My father did a lot of the evening charter work on those boats. Later, I would join the crew and became a skipper myself (that is another story).

In the "off season" when the park was not open, I would sometimes, often, walk down to this place to blow off steam. I would look across Narragansett Bay to the mouth of the Warren River to see if one of my ships was inbound (they were not). They were always welcome though, because my friends and sometimes family were aboard.

Out of old habit, I looked across at the Warren River on this day as well. There were no vessels rounding the ledge on approach to the dock on this day either. But my family was with me (my wife and sons) instead of on the ship. And they shared in the personal history and blew off some steam at this homage to the Rocky Point pier.

The Reason for the Name Rocky Point

The Reason for the Name Rocky Point 20220402 850_6744The Reason for the Name Rocky PointThe dock at Rocky Point State Park and the reason why it's called "rocky"

Beneath the Rocky Point Pier 

Beneath the Rocky Point Pier 20220402 850_6720Beneath the Rocky Point Pier The view from beneath the Rocky Point pier at Warwick, Rhode Island

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