Shoreside Aquarium Display. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Quahog Shell Among Rocks and Seaweed 

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Quahog Shell Among Rocks and Seaweed 20220402 850_6642Quahog Shell Among Rocks and Seaweed A quahog shell among the rocks and seaweed at Rocky Point State Park, Warwick, Rhode Island

Rhode Island has over four hundred miles of shoreline. With that much territory there is much to experience and explore. What is amazing is the diversity of display in that area.

Many years ago, I learned that maritime navigation is much more than plotting courses. There is more to than "line of sight" and "dead reckoning". A big part of navigation is also observation and knowledge of the environment. What is the sea life like? What wave forms do the bottom contours create? What qualities do the marine vegetation take? What species are in view? When one looks at the shore, what is the quality of the sand, rocks, and mud?

As a result of the years of observation, I have become aware of the vast difference in those 400 miles of shore. Some formal and informal study combined with curiosity have informed those observations. At the bottom line, there are differences between the shoreline in different areas. Some of those variations might be within a few miles (or a few hundred yards) from one another.

At Rocky Point, we experience an aquarium-like display at low tide. This is on the rocks of the northern reach of Rocky Point State Park. We are overlooking the Providence River at this juncture. Less than a quarter of a mile away, this display would not be possible due to a different bottom quality. But what a wonderful display the tide left for us here.

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