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Arthur At Black Point

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ArthuratBlackPoint_20200520_D56_0257Arthur At Black PointArthur at Black Point. Tropical Storm Arthur is the first named storm of 2020 Hurricane Season; though hundreds of miles offshore, it brings its drama to the shores of Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Natural Art

NaturalArt_20190814_D56_0033Natural ArtThis is an area of Narragansett... of Rhode Island... that I am terribly surprised has not been the subject of paintings with its variations of textures and light. It forms its own natural art. At the Bass Rock shoreline access in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

What inspires us? It's a question that I had to work through for our sister site, Made From RI. But it was a good personal and professional exercise.

So, to answer the question as pertains here, what inspires these photos? One answer: Rhode Island. While I tend to cling to the Rhode Island shore, I do venture into other spaces. But it is Rhode Island that inspires me.

And why not my home state of Rhode Island? One answer is that I have traveled the globe and set foot on all but two continents. I have seen the best the world has to offer, and I am still awestruck by the beauty of my home state.

Another thought is the countless talents inspired by Rhode Island. These talents are both contemporary and historical. So many movies and televisions shows have been and are being filmed here. So many artists took inspiration here. My own grandfather made a career as an artist in Rhode Island.

In summary, the answer to the question of what inspires us is simple and complex. The simple answer is Rhode Island. The answer is also complex because like the shore of Rhode Island, the subject is ever changing. In a sense, like the rising and setting of the sun, it makes it all the more inspirational and fascinating.

Black Point Sunshine And Spray

BlackPointSunshineAndSpray_20200520_D56_0229Black Point Sunshine And SprayEarly morning sunshine shows through the spray at Black Point in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Summer Rides Into Sunset

SummerRidesIntoSunset_20200907_850_0153Summer Rides Into SunsetOn the last sun of Labor Day 2020, a boat rides into the sunset closing out "unofficial" summer on Point Judith Pond. The sun shines across from Snug Harbor with Little Comfort Island in view at the Port of Galilee.

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