Before the Recital. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

May 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Before the Recital

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Before the Recital 20220520 850_8277Before the RecitalMusic stands prepared before an evening choral recital

They have practiced since September of last year. It is May now. The tasteful music selection is for children to sing but still holds the rapt attention of adults. The voices are clear and clean and free of the baggage of adults, innocent octaves beautifully expressed.

The stand is in place with nervous anticipation. This is all associated with preparedness. The children have the desire to perform. They are ready. The audience has the desire to hear. And, in hearing they are rewarded.

The music on the stand, bathed in soft light, is ready for the conductors. In moments, the chorus will appear. And by the end, we will all be changed for good.


(This photo was taken moments before the conclusion of the 19th season of the Rhode Island Children's Chorus on May 20, 2022. Our son is among the performers; this was his last performance at this level and he moves up in the fall. "For Good" is the theme song of the Rhode Island Children's Chorus family.)


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