Budding Beach Roses in Evening Rain. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Budding Beach Rose in Rain

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Budding Beach Rose in Rain 20220519 850_8191Budding Beach Rose in RainA budding beach rose in early evening with raindrops gathered upon the unfurling petals near the shore on the upper reach of Point Judith Pond

Beach Rose Bloom in Rain

Beach Rose Bloom in Rain 20220519 850_8187Beach Rose Bloom in RainAs evening falls and the rain ceases, a recent beach rose bloom comes out

One of the great heralds of summer on the shore is the beach rose. It's common pick (and sometimes white) flowers offer a wonderful punch of color to the tan sand of the beach.

The road to summer's beach rose is often paved with unsettled weather. The rains must come to nourish the plants. Often, these spring rains linger into the early evening. The diminished light of a rainy eve will give a deeper, starker, pink hew to the budding roses.

The rains paint the roses with dots of water, illuminating the deeper color palette. Altogether, the whole scene reminds us that nature is the best artist.

Evening Rain Falls on a Budding Beach Rose

Evening Rain Falls on a Budding Beach Rose 20220519 850_8179Evening Rain Falls on a Budding Beach RoseEvening falls upon a young budding beach rose, as does the rain.

Beach Rose Appearance After a Rain

Beach Rose Appearance After a Rain 20220519 850_8182Beach Rose Appearance After a RainA beach rose in bloom in the early evening after a rain

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